The demand for lumber and products made from wood continues to grow on a global scale. SanFoot was developed, and continues to be manufactured, with the goal of assuring reliable and sustainable sources for future generations. As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment we continue to support the efforts of organisations who are working to protect the environment. We do this not only through financial contributions, but also by striving to develop new manufacturing methods to produce higher yields with less waste and a minimised impact on the environment.

Sourcing and harvesting methods are both important environmental considerations; identifying and managing sustainable sources helps us to ensure we are contributing to the development and growth of our forests. The species and individual trees used in the manufacture of SanFoot veneers are selected using strict criteria to ensure we deliver the maximum yield of the highest quality veneer with the minimum environmental impact.

By utilising Hokusan’s patented process for slicing incredibly thin veneer we are able to increase the log’s yield by approximately 300%. From an environmental perspective this means the same volume of veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one.


The majority of species are available to order as FSC, where this is not possible we can offer a reconstructed FSC veneer as an alternative.

Forest Management

Forest management has been practised for many years in the United States and is a growing trend in other countries. Rather than using ‘tree farms’ we harvest from natural forests or reclaimed lands where only a limited number of trees are allowed to be harvested each year. This helps us to conserve the environment and manage the development and supply of high quality wood for years to come.

Plantation Grown

Our extensive range of SanFoot wood veneers use trees grown on plantations specifically designated for veneer and timber production. They include species that were once-endangered made available once again thanks to reliable, sustainable yield supplies grown outside of their native regions.

Selected Trees

We identify where aged trees are being crowded out by younger, more robust individuals. Removing individual trees from old growth forests helps promote a healthier environment for the next generation of trees.

Enhanced Species

Species in plentiful supply (many of which are plantation grown), can be physically altered, reconstructed or dyed to replicate the aesthetics of exotic species or to create unique figures and colours not found within nature.

These environmentally friendly, enhanced species offer the dual benefit of consistent appearance and reliable availability while simultaneously preserving exotic species of trees.


In addition to the strict selection criteria of trees for the manufacture of SanFoot, features for safer interior environments have been included in the production of all SanFoot products.

Because our wood veneers are pre-finished we can ensure all of our veneers are FSC, NFA (no added formaldehyde) and VOC compliant before delivery.

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