Material Construction

SanFoot wood veneers are manufactured to be as durable and reliable as possible within a range of environments and applications. We ensure every species is ‘Class A’ fire rated in accordance with EN13501 - 1:2007 with a reaction to fire classification of B - s1, d0.

SanFoot engineered real wood veneer wallcoverings are pre-finished during the manufacturing process eliminating the need for any on-site preparation. This method of production enables us to guarantee complete chemical and VOC compliance before delivery.

With excellent structural stability, SanFoot can be applied directly to drywall, eliminating the need for an expensive panel and fixing based solution.

The aluminium foil layer of its unique 5-ply construction acts as an impermeable barrier ensuring zero adhesive or moisture ‘bleed through’.

This foil also offers greater impact resistance and structural stability of natural wood than a phenolic-backed veneer, giving you a reliable product that will continue to deliver for years to come.

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