Real Wood Veneer Wallcovering

  • Construction

    SanFoot veneer is a carefully engineered wallcovering offering unrivalled performance without compromising on its impressive aesthetics. Our real wood veneer is crafted from a unique and patented 5-ply construction that allows for exceptional visual opportunities.

    SanFoot’s strength, flexibility and overall performance are just a few of the extraordinary qualities that make SanFoot the most economical and environmentally-friendly wood veneer on the market today.

  • Application

    SanFoot combines a range of unique features to create a product unlike any other wallcovering or veneer. As a multi-application product by design SanFoot veneers are both flexible and functional, offering a perfect solution for your project without compromise.

    Perfectly suited to a diverse range of applications, SanFoot can be used to create beautiful architectural panels, fabricated in to amazing furniture like conventional veneer or applied directly to drywall along contoured surfaces for a truly seamless aesthetic.

  • Enviromental

    SanFoot was developed – and continues to be manufactured – with the goal of assuring reliable supplies for future generations. We continue to support the efforts of organizations who are working to protect the environment as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes. We do this not only through financial contributions, but also by striving to develop new manufacturing methods to produce higher yields and less waste, minimising our impact on the environment.